NOMAD Tankless Dive System

NOMAD Diving
NOMAD Diving

See the new NOMAD Tankless Dive System below, the next generation in surface supplied air. Contact Us for more information.

NOMAD Tankless Diving
NOMAD Tankless Diving

Dive with more freedom using the NOMAD Tankless Diving sSystem. NOMAD uses a 40 foot surface air supply hose for diving further and air on demand for diving longer. NOMAD Harness Backpack

NOMAD Highlights:

  • Ultra Portable and Light Weight
  • Free Online Traing Course
  • Air Travel Friendly
  • Removable Battery Packs
  • Optional Solar Panel for Battery Charging
  • Easy to Tow
  • 60-90 Minute Run Time
  • Max 35 Feet Diving
  • Data Recording System
  • Backpack Doubles As Dive Harness
  • Auto Inflation For Float Ring
  • Water Tight Storage Compartment
  • 1/4 the Weight of SCUBA Gear

NOMAD Diving System Components

NOMAD Diving System for a Beach Dive!
NOMAD Diving System

Contact Us for more NOMAD Tankless Diving System information.